"List : most-followed Twitter accounts || top 5"

"List : most-followed Twitter accounts || top 5"
Twitter is an world most Popular App, It was created in March 2006 by Jack DorseyNoahglassBiz Stone and Evan Williams Lauched in July of the year Facebook us a online Social media and Social Networking Service, As of December 2019 the most followed Twitter page person is  Barack Obama with over 111 Millions Followers, The most followed woman is Katy Perry with 108 Millions, the following Top 5 Follower information in this Blog

World Most Popular People Use TwitterTwitter is World Most Socia media Site, Most followed Twitter Account Top 5

Taylor Swift
Followers  : 85 millions
Twitter ID : @taylorswift13

Followers  : 85 millions
Twitter ID : @rihanna
Musician and businesswoman

Justin Bieber
Followers  : 107 millions
Twitter ID : @justinbieber

Katy Perry
Followers  : 108 millions
Twitter ID : @katyperry

Barack Obama
Followers  : 111 millions
Twitter ID : @BarackObama
Former U.S. president

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